The Wellington Hills County Park property (formerly the Wellington Hills Golf Course) is approximately 104 acres.  Snohomish County proposes to clear over 46 acres, almost half of the entire site, which comprises nearly everything that is not considered a critical area and can actually be developed.

In order to prepare the site for the synthetic and grass fields, stadium lights, parking lots and buildings, the County would need to flatten the existing rolling terrain by digging out and moving over 200,000 cubic yards of soil from the south side of 240th Street SE to the north side of the road. The "fill" on the north side of the street would level the terrain as seen in the photo on this site's home page.

Site Shortcomings

  • The park property is currently zoned Rural-5 (R-5), meaning that it could only be developed with one home per 5 acre parcel.  It is situated in a rural residential community, where the surrounding homes are predominantly built on one- and five-acre parcels.
  • The park has limited access with only two entrances.  One is via the "Costco intersection" (Highway 9 and 240th Street SE) and leads up a steep, windy road which is often inaccessible during snowy and icy conditions.  
  • The other entrance is through a two-lane street in rural residential neighborhoods.  This street has limited site distances, no sidewalks and dangerous conditions for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Snohomish County's Proposal for Park Development

"If you smell fish, there's probably a bucket of fish heads nearby."

The "claim" has been made, "We're only developing 8.8% of the park".

Using their own technical drawing, I've outlined the park boundary (in magenta) AND I've outlined the proposed developed areas (in green). Trails are represented by dash lines.

... Sure looks like more than 50% of the park property gets developed.

Additional Details of the County's Plan

  • Originally proposed as a "regional tournament-level sports facility" and once referred to as "Wellington Hills Sports Complex", the County has since renamed it to "Wellington Hills County Park"but the size and scope of the development is unchanged
  • 4 synthetic turf fieldsand 3 grass fields
  • Stadium lighting until 10pm nightly to enable year-round use of the facility
  • Parking for ~550 cars on the south side of the park, with additional planned parking for up to 200 cars on the north side
  • ​Proposed 50,000 sq ft indoor recreation facility
  • Privately-run 60,000 sq ft indoor mountain bike facility, built on publicly owned park property