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We, the residents of Wellington Hills have collected and assessed the significant facts of their proposed plans for Wellington Hills Park - shocked disbelief is just one of our reactions. 

This website is the voice of concerned citizens and is intended to counter the unrealistic proposal by Snohomish County's Parks & Recreation Department for Wellington Hills Park, Woodinville WA.

This isn't a dalliance - we've listened to the various sales pitches from the Parks Dept., attended countless County meetings, talked with elected representatives and sifted through hundreds of official documents.

Neighbors to Save Wellington Park is a non-profit group dedicated to saving a rural community park from unnecessary and inappropriate development.

We've been briefed by a land-use attorney on the finer details of regulations and procedures, which has been invaluable when voicing our concerns to both bureaucrats and elected officials.  

Don't be deceived by their rhetoric!

Special Interests are behind this proposed Sports Complex plan. And no, it's NOT a done deal.

Snohomish County's Parks & Recreation Department has proposed a grossly inappropriate, community-altering makeover of locally important Wellington Hills Park. What they want isn’t a “park”.  They want a regional sports complex with stadium lights, public announcement (PA) system, artificial turf fields, parking spaces for 750+ vehicles, 50,000 sq. ft. "activities" building, street lights, traffic roundabout, foot bridge over 240th St. SE and a 60,000 sq. ft. indoor mountain bike building.

Wellington Hills is rurally zoned with rural amenities and hilly two-lane roads. It is not a reasonable location for national and international tournaments.  The area is confined and ill-suited for traffic and congestion as witnessed at starfire sports and 60 acres fields.


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